Can we make soil analysis in a simpler, faster and easier way?

Smart Cloud Farming uses satellite images to characterize the soil, and generate practical, data-driven recommendations for farmers.

How It Works

Smart Cloud Farming helps farmers to increase their crop yields by simulating crop growth using remote soil analysis, crop monitoring and artificial Intelligence. We monitor all the important soil parameters of your field to deduce all relevant information with no interactions required with you.

SoilEye Monitoring

The only tool on the market that characterizes soil by satellite and drone images and which produces high resolution soil maps remotely.

SoilEye Analytics

SoilEye combines and analyzes digital soil maps, weather and climate data with machine learning technologies.

SoilEye Simulation

SoilEye produces crop recommendations based on the climate and soil’s potentials. What if growing maize and wheat would yield +20 % more?

I’m confident that we can feed the whole world. The problem is not supply—it is access to food and to natural resources like land and water. We need to figure out how to feed the world without depleting our natural resources.

José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

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