The Hundert is a Berlin-based startup project and print magazine featuring outstanding companies and their founders since 2013. Every issue puts 100 amazing startups in the spotlight and tells their stories. Previous editions include 100 Female Founders Europe, 100 Startups New York and 100 Startups Berlin—the most famous one so far. The printed magazine of each edition can be found at various events and conferences across Europe. Their freshest edition Vol. 11 features the 100 most innovative startups of Germany.

For this edition, they launched a nationwide call for startups in June and received over 650 applications. The list was then passed on to their jury of experts, who selected the top 100. The jury consists of 42 experts directly involved in the startup scene, including top investors, media representatives, established entrepreneurs, and other insiders. Andreas Winiarski (EarlyBird), Chiara Sommer (Intel Ventures), and Frank Thelen (Freigeist Capital), founders like Oliver Samwer (Rocket Internet), Jochen Engert (Flixbus), and Lea- Sophie Cramer (Amorelie), corporate representatives like Philipp Justus (Google), Tim Dümichen (KPMG)—to name a few of the jury members.

Extracted from the Forbes article of Nina Angelovska: innovative-startups-of-germany-in-2018